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Hi, my name is Damien. My beautiful wife Margo and I started the greatest adult co-ed sports league, D’s Incredible Co-Ed Sports League, or D.I.C.S. for short. The league is set up as an adult co-ed pick-up style league, meaning there are no set teams. The level of play is very recreational.  We play every Thursday night at 7 PM in Boynton Beach, FL. The league is a great way to get together with a fun group of people to get a competitive and fun workout.  Contact us if you are interested!

Even though it is co-ed we are all a bunch of D.I.C.S.
(We are actually very nice people, it is just an acronym.)

Soccer ball sitting in the green grass on a field.


Soccer is fun.

Ultimate Frisbee

Every other Thursday we play Ultimate Frisbee. If it is ever too windy we can play Ultimate Football.

American Football sitting in green grass on the field.

Flag Football

Flag football is fun.

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We have all kinds of different merchandise you can buy to show your love for the league! Hats, shirts, stickers, and more!

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